The Technical Advisory Group of the Health Council has decided not to recommend the COVID vaccine to students

Eugene Hoshyka

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON. The Washington Board of Health’s technical advisory group, which is working to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the state’s list of required vaccinations, has decided not to do so.

At Thursday’s meeting, members talked about adding the frame to the list and made a final decision. Six votes voted in favor, seven against and four unsure.

Those who did not support its addition questioned the recommendations of the Health Council. They also said they were concerned about the unintended consequences of this. Members expressed concern over the lack of good data and the fact that children may be wasting time outside of school.

People who voted for the vaccine recommendation said the technical advisory group had the opportunity to help get rid of COVID-19. Others said the vaccine should be added if it is fully FDA-licensed, while other members said the vaccine should be added to the school enrollment list in the future.

That doesn’t mean it still won’t be added.

The next step will be to consider the recommendations of the Washington Health Group at its April 13 meeting. The Board may approve or reject the recommendations of the Technical Advisory Group.

The Health Council is working with the Washington Department of Health to bring together a technical advisory group to discuss the need for a vaccine against COVID-19. In October, council members voted to begin the process.

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