The tombstone in the Vancouver yard is returning to the cemetery, police say


Police said the tombstone was found in a Vancouver yard.

Vancouver Police Department

A mysterious tombstone was discovered inappropriately in a Washington yard a few weeks ago, police said.

Police said the grave was found Feb. 8 in Vancouver. For weeks, police have been trying to find where the place is.

“We hope to deliver this tombstone to a proper place of rest,” the Vancouver Police Department said on Facebook on February 28.

For weeks the police contacted the local cemetery looking for one on which there may be no tombstone. They also checked the cemetery online with someone with a last name printed on markers.

I was unlucky, the police department hoped social networks would be may help investigators return the tombstone. Officials have posted requests for information on Twitter and Facebook, hoping for an excuse.

“As this investigation did not lead to anything, we hope that social networks will work,” police said on Twitter.

A day later, police reported the mystery has been solved – a few. Police said a cemetery in Woodland, about 20 miles north, confirmed that the tombstone belonged there.

Officials at the cemetery will return them “to their rightful place of rest,” the police department said. However, the investigation is not over yet.

“The secret has not been fully revealed, because we do not know who moved this tombstone and put it in the courtyard of Vancouver,” police said on March 1 on Facebook.

Maddie Kapron is a real-time news reporter for McClachy, focusing on nature and wildlife in the western United States.

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