The trio of Blick brothers from Prey goes to the state wrestling tournament

Four years ago, twin brothers Josh and Caleb Blick didn’t think about going to fight in Prairie.

“But then (Josh) started fighting, so I started fighting,” Caleb said.

Two years later, younger brother Seth joined the program, giving coach Rob Smith a trio of Blick brothers.

“Block Blicks,” Smith said. “That’s what we call them.”

This weekend Josh and Caleb are hoping to go to Seth’s fight next door, it is desirable that everyone be with medals around their necks as all three brothers qualify for the 3A state tournament in Tacoma Doom.

“It’s just great that we have the opportunity to go,” Josh Blick said. “Since entering high school, I was worried that we would not get that opportunity. So I’m glad we do. Even if we do not get the desired results, we still get the opportunity to do what we will remember for a lifetime.

The trio of brothers on the team was a blessing for Smith, but it also creates some problems.

“It’s amazing that there are three brothers on the team, and even more so when two of them are identical twins,” Smith said. “For me, it was a struggle because they are so similar that I can’t tell the difference. Even in the struggle, they fight so equally that it’s sometimes hard to tell. ”

Another challenge was finding a place for all three wrestlers on the Prairie list, given that all three are the same height.

Caleb struggles at 185 pounds. Sophomore Seth is battling in 195, while Josh has taken on the task of moving to the 170 weight categories loaded with talented wrestlers from the 3A Greater St.

“Josh actually said,‘ I’ll take this. I will go fight 170. All is well. “He has a CJ in this weight class. He has Tyler Rogg of Kelso. It’s hard. He didn’t even have a fight in the regional tournament. He had to come from behind to beat the guy in the match (fifth place) It was a difficult victory for him and it was not an easy road to get to the state tournament. “

Caleb in 185 and Seth in 195 were confident they would go to the state, reaching third-place matches in their classes on Saturday at the regional tournament in Samishi.

However, Josh at 170 had to win his last match for fifth place to reach the Tacoma Dome, banding together for a 6-4 victory over Max Perry of Ingram.

“Yeah, it was a close match,” Josh said. “I was sad that it all came to this, but I’m glad I succeeded.”

For sophomore Seth, wrestling in 195 isn’t the perfect weight, but he made it work.

“It’s okay because I’ve always been bigger than them,” Seth said of his older brothers before getting to their feet. “Not above yet, but in the end.”

Smith said it was more of a liquidation process.

“Seth was just someone who thought,‘ Can’t be them (Josh). Can’t be them (Caleb). Let’s get up! ‘ Said Smith. “Probably next year he won’t be 195 pounds. But in terms of the program, in terms of the team we keep preaching, he understood that he needed to make a sacrifice because the team has a place to fill. So Seth accepted that challenge, and he did pretty well. “

The Blick brothers are happy to challenge each other in practice every day. Josh and Caleb are training partners, and Seth will often be involved as well.

“Sometimes he gets generous,” Josh said.

Caleb added: “We want to push each other, but at the same time we want to be better than the other person. So by pushing each other, we get better. ”

And there is hope that all three will be pushed to the podium on Saturday at the Tacoma Dome.

“We want all three of us to put our names on the wall,” Caleb said, pointing to plaques on the wall of the Prairie Wrestling Hall. “We want the troika to be there. That would be good. ”

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