The Washington Post is promoting Firozi to the position of Assistant Editor for Climate and Environment

Peacock Firozi

The Washington PostThe Department of Climate and Environment demanded Peacock Firozi as an assistant editor. In her new position, she will work with journalists and editors to develop and edit news and businesses on climate, the environment and extreme weather. It will also coordinate lighting with other ports.

Most recently, Firozi was a general-purpose reporter and worked as a researcher on several of the Post’s 202 newsletters, including Energy 202, Health 202, and Finance 202.

Before embarking on the Post, Firozi served as a social media curator and reporter at The Hill. She has also been an intern at NPR, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune Media Group and The Washington Post.

Firozi graduated from the School of Journalism in Medila at Northwestern University, where she worked as editor-in-chief of The Daily Northwestern.

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