The woman’s death looked like a car accident, Michigan police say


The death of a woman from Michigan at first glance looked like a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle, but, according to police, it was staged.

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A “Suspicious death of a woman from Michigan”Looked like the result of a car accident, but investigators say it is not.

Chesterfield Police Department officers arrived at the scene of the collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian early in the morning of Feb. 13, the department said.

A woman with serious injuries was lying at the intersection when officers arrived and she died on the spot, police said. She was later identified as a 42-year-old resident of Chesterfield.

Although investigators were initially told her death was an accident, the story quickly fell apart.

“Evidence at the scene and testimony of witnesses did not correspond to the accident,” – said in a release. “This suspicious death is the result of a violent family relationship.”

Two men were taken into custody, including 42-year-old John Galvan, also from Chesterfield. Police said Galvan is charged with several felonies. Another man, whose name was not named by police, was released.

In an unpublished video obtained by police, a doorbell camera from a neighboring house captures a pickup truck driving to the intersection of Hidenbrook Drive and Burgess Lane, a man who throws a body on the road. running after himthen left the area, according to WDIV.

Police say the truck returns to the intersection in 40 minutes with two men in the cab, a father and son, and the first calls at 911, the TV channel reported.

The injured woman and son Galvan lived together in a house near the stage of the staging, police said.

Galvan was brought to justice on February 15, according to a police release. He is accused of reckless driving, resulting in unintentional homicide, failure to stop at a fatal accident and driving with disqualification.

He is being held in a Macomb County jail with a $ 500,000 bond.

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This story was originally published February 15, 2022, 2:34 p.m.

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