Theolytics is launching a £ 1 million project in collaboration with the University of Sheffield with support from Innovate UK to develop a new therapy for patients with multiple myeloma | News

OXFORDEngland , June 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Theolytics is a biotechnology company that uses viruses to fight disease. Innovate UK has received a grant for a biomedical catalyst to develop a new therapy for patients with multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is an incurable blood cancer for which cancer-killing viruses (“oncolytic”) are a new and promising treatment. Therapy selectively infects and kills cancer cells – focusing on heterogeneous, systemic cancers based on their phenotype rather than molecular targets, providing long-term remission and therapeutic potential.

This grant will focus on transferring a leading Theolytics candidate to clinic readiness. The work includes a partnership with the University Sheffield investigate the efficacy of leading Theolytics candidate on clinically representative, drug-resistant models of multiple myeloma. This project will further validate this new therapy, nominate a leading candidate for the oncolytic virus for testing in phase I clinical trials.

Margaret DuffyThe chief researcher and co-founder said: “The myeloma treatment landscape has changed significantly in recent years; despite some promising clinical outcomes with targeted BCMA therapy, prolonged remissions remain a challenge for many myeloma patients. This grant provides an opportunity to promote our PhD in the clinic, and we are grateful to Innovate UK for their continued support of Theolytics’ work.

Michelle Lawsonresearcher at the University of Sheffield said: “I am excited to work with Theolytics on this exciting project to further demonstrate the effectiveness of their leading candidate in our preclinical myeloma models, as subsequent inpatient use may eventually lead to much-needed improvement in myeloma outcomes. patients with running illnesses ”.

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Everyone should have access to innovative treatments that promise long-term treatment. At Theolytics we work to change the lives of patients through world-leading science with a great team. Our platforms use viruses to fight disease, using systematic phenotypic screening technologies to discover treatments optimized for a selected group of patients. Theolytics is headquartered in Oxford, UKsupported by Oxford Science Enterprises and international investors in the life sciences Epidarex Capital, Taiho Ventures and M Ventures.

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