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SPOKANE, Washington. – That’s right, today is the national Pokemon Day, a day to celebrate the pocket monsters that the world has loved.

If you don’t know what Pokémon is, then this is a gaming card game that has expanded into video games, TV shows and an app that has swept the nation in 2018.

Pokémon Go was a game that could be played before the pandemic, but since then it has gradually lost its popularity. However, the Pokémon brand itself has only grown, and is even dedicated to it all day.

And every day Pokemon Nintendo introduces new franchise characters. This year they introduced a cat, a duck and what some call a “sharp apple”.

Many call the cat character a “weed” because it is green and the fur is somewhat reminiscent of a marijuana leaf. Some also call the character of the duck Donald Duck because it is a white duck with an orange beak, although he is not very similar to Donald.

So, whether you play the game or not, Pokemon Day is already celebrated around the world. Maybe look at these cute characters, you will even like them!

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