This Michigan estate for sale has it all — including a bunker

Homes that basically have every amenity humanly possible have been popular on the real estate market since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world in 2020 — especially ones that have a special room within their walls.


Yes, that includes ones with bunkers, particularly doomsday bunkers.


This estate for sale in Battle Creek, Michigan, has a huge, extremely cool one. This bunker would render even Bill and Frank from HBO’s hit zombie apocalypse drama “The Last of Us” completely awestruck.


But you have to have $5.9 million burning a hole in your pocket.


“Over $10 million has been spent in the development of a spectacular and special 192 wooded acres of paradise,” the listing on Five Star Real Estate describes. “This magnificent and unusual, potentially off-grid mansion, includes an approximately 13,500 square foot mansion overlooking a beautiful private lake, a 5000 square foot bunker, gorgeous greenhouse and expansive pole barn. All are part of this unparalleled and secluded pristine and luxurious retreat.”


The primary five-bedroom, 6-plus bathroom mansion has a lot going for it, not just that massive bunker. Features include:


  • Open floor plan

  • High ceilings

  • Views of Deep Lake

  • Deck

  • Grand staircase

  • Hardwood floors

  • Theater

  • Saunas

  • Steam room

  • Gym

  • Yoga studio

  • Indoor pool


But that bunker is what takes the cake.


“Prepare yourself for the piece de resistance, the most unique experience upon entering the bunker, boasting all one could ever require or desire for off-grid living,” the listing says. “Specifically, raised plant beds with growing lights allows growth of one’s own food, soundproof gun range, two kitchens, 3-4 bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two means of concealed entrance and egress.”


Battle Creek is about 120 miles west of Detroit.


TJ Macías is a real-time national sports reporter for McClatchy based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. TJ previously covered the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers for numerous media outlets, including 24/7 Sports and Mavs Maven (Sports Illustrated). Twitter: @TayloredSiren

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