This week, the White House released additional classified documents found at Biden’s home in Delaware

The White House announced on Saturday that aides to President Biden discovered five additional pages of classified documents this week at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware, adding to the number previously held by the administration.

The additional pages were revealed after the White House issued a statement on Thursday saying Mr Biden’s lawyers had discovered a “small amount” of additional classified material. All but one of these documents were found in a storage room in Mr. Biden’s garage.

Another one-page document, the White House said Thursday, was found among stored materials in an adjacent room.

But in a statement Saturday, Richard Sauber, a special adviser to the president, said he discovered the additional documents Thursday night while he was at the residence to facilitate the transfer of the previously declassified classified document to the Justice Department.

“While I was handing it over to the Justice Department officials who were accompanying me, five additional pages of classified information were found among the material with it, for a total of six pages,” Mr. Sauber said. “Justice officials with me immediately took possession of them.”

Mr. Sauber said Mr. Biden’s personal lawyers, who do not have active security clearances, had suspended any further searches at the location where the first document was found, following a process agreed with the National Archives and the Justice Department.

In accordance with this agreed upon process, the attorneys notified the Department of Justice and arranged for the Department of Justice to obtain the documents.

Mr. Sauber, who does have a security clearance, traveled to Wilmington Thursday night to facilitate the transfer.

“The president’s attorneys immediately and voluntarily turned over the Penn Biden documents to the archives and the Wilmington documents to the Department of Justice,” Mr. Sauber said. “We have now publicly released details of the identified documents, how they were identified and where they were found.”

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