Three simple holiday cocktail recipes to lift your spirits


Clockwise from top left: SLS Brickell, Shelborne South Beach, Casa Sensei

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It’s starting to look a lot like … well, you know the words. One way to get into the spirit is to, uh, get into the spirit. We can create holiday magic and cheer with reimagined seasonal cocktails created by talented bartenders and mixologists from the Miami area. Coquito in a coupe glass? Apple pie with spikes? Oh yes. We feel it.

Each of these cocktails draws on a seasonal flavor or pays homage to international favorites. All of these will make great additions to your beverage arsenal this holiday season.

Equipment for preparation of festive cocktails

Two of these cocktails are served shaken, yes a good cocktail shaker is mandatory. Apple pie with spikes is stirred in a glass, however cocktail mixing glass and a barman’s spoon may be needed for large batches.

While the right glassware isn’t the most essential thing to have on hand at home, it’s a fun addition for special cocktails. Coupe or snifter is recommended for coquito. Similar stemmed cocktail glass preferably with traditional Manhattan cocktails. Apple pie with spikes is served in stone glasses.

Holiday Coquito by Casa Sensei

Holiday Coquito Casa Sensai.jpg
Holiday Coquito by Casa Sensei.

Based in Fort Lauderdale Pan-Asian and Latin American cuisine restaurant pays homage to its Hispanic roots with this famous Puerto Rican holiday cocktail. Made with coconut milk and white rum, and garnished with an all-spice cinnamon stick, this cocktail is the perfect holiday treat.

Serve coupe or sniff to get an intense breath of fragrant aromas if you like.

Read the full recipe.

Maple Manhattan, Shelborne South Beach

Sweeten even the dullest virtual holiday gathering with the Maple Manhattan, a blend of Old Forester bourbon, dry vermouth, maple syrup, angostura bitters and cherries, crafted by bartenders at Shelborne South Beach in Miami.

Since the recipe has so few ingredients, find a good one quality maple syrup to use This small change will make a world of difference.

Read the full recipe.

Spiked Apple Pie, Lounge at SLS Brickell

Apple pie with spikes SLS BRICKELL.jpg
Spiked apple pie from SAAM Lounge at SLS Brickell.

It is prepared by the method of double filtering by bartenders The SLS Brickell Hotel in Miami, this spiked apple pie has a smoky flavor reminiscent of a freshly baked pie. Apple cider, ginger beer and orange liqueur made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon complement the experience with notes of apple and orange peel.

This cocktail is a bit more labor-intensive than the others, requiring you to make your own apple spice mix on the stove. There is a a small pot ready and cutting board cut a small apple next to it.

Read the full recipe.

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