TikTok videos show the collapse of the floor at a party in CO


TikTok videos show the collapse of the floor at a party at a teen home in Aurora, Colorado, on February 26, 2022. Three people were taken to hospital.

Screengrapher from TikTok

The birthday is over when the floor collapsed into the basement of the house in Colorado along with dozens of dancing teens.

“Two seconds before the ground broke, you could hear how everything breaksbut you didn’t have enough time to do anything about it, ”said KUSA 15-year-old Cass Henry.

The Southern Subway Fire and Rescue Service said there were From 100 to 150 children at a party on February 26 in Aurora. Three people were taken to hospital.

One video in TikTok shows a crowd of teenagers jumping and dancing seconds before collapsing in the basement.

Grayson West was injured during collapse of the floor and requires ankle surgery, according to KDVR.

“There was a big crack, and then everything went slowly. Both sides of the room just completely split into the letter “V” and everyone just slid down those floors. It was a simple panic, ”said Gavin Neer, another party participant.

Another TikTok video shows teens trying to crawl out of the floor failure. TikTok user signed the video “how my birthday went”.

A gas leak occurred due to the wreckage, but it was eliminated by firefighters.

Firefighters said there were no children in the rubble after inspecting the house.

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