Timberline loses to Mountlake Terrace in state basketball 3A


Timberline guard Miles Gursk (2) blocked his shot by Mountlake Terrace guard Jeffrey Anime (23) during the fourth quarter match of the Class 3A state tournament on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, at Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington.


Brooklyn Hicks took one last look at the productive kick to send the game to the Timberline Class 3A state tournament against Mountlake Terrace in overtime, breaking through on the right side line and allowing it to break out of balance on a 3-point attempt.

It wasn’t supposed to be bouncing off the front of the rim at the end of time, giving Mountlake Terrace a 65-62 victory and ending the Timberline season.

“I have confidence when I shoot every shot, so when I shot, I thought it was happening,” Hicks said. “Seeing him bounce off the rim is definitely painful. … But we will come back next year better and stronger. “

Most of the losses may be due to Timberline’s inability to make stops in defense later. In the last four minutes and 15 seconds of the game, Mountlake Terrace forward Zaveon Jones scored 10 points, defeating Timberline defenders.

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Timberline guard Miles Gursk (2) reacts after a foul was not recorded in his attempt to stop when Mountlake Terrace striker Zaveon Jones (41) celebrates the referee’s decision at the end of the fourth quarter of a 3A state tournament match on Wednesday, March 2nd. , 2022, at Tacoma Dome, in Tacoma, Washington. Pete Custer pcaster@thenewstribune.com

“I think it was huge,” Timberline coach Alain Thomas said. “With each shot, he gained more and more confidence inside. On the other hand, we were also able to run our pick-and-roll side and look good, but it was right next to the basket. … He is a cargo. I think he did exactly what he usually does. He is very impressive inside. “

There were 13 changes and eight draws in the game. With both teams going back and forth, Jones said he would like to be assertive by taking the ball to the edge.

“Attack,” Jones said of his thinking in the fourth quarter. “I see an open lane – attack, attack, attack. He’s not trying to protect me, he’s not trying to do anything, so I’m just going to push, push, push. “

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Timberline guard Brooklyn Hicks (4) tries to shoot when Mountlake Terrace guard Vita Mkrtichyan (21) defends in the fourth quarter of a Class 3A state tournament match on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, at Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington. The caster pcaster@thenewstribune.com

Hicks felt the Blazers lacked toughness in the defeat.

“It definitely comes down to not stopping and not bouncing,” he said. “In this game, we definitely came out of the brutality. That is something we must work on. “

Guard Miles Gurske led the Blazers with 22 points and Hicks added 21 in the defeat. Jones led the Hawks with 22 points and guard Jeffrey Anima scored 18. Timberline led by a point at the end of the third quarter when Anime struck a deep three-pointer to break the horn. This gave Mountlake Terrace the lead in the fourth quarter, but more importantly, bounced off the momentum that was on the Blazers ’side.

“Those three at the end of the third quarter were huge,” Thomas said. “We had an impetus. I thought that playing them was a great leader. Their roles the guys played their part. ”

Timberline returns most of its list next season from the team that won a share of the 3A South Sound Conference title, including Gurske and Hicks, as well as the great man Darrell Gipson. Wednesday’s loss felt like the start of something for the Blazers, a chance to build until next season and potentially make its way through a state tournament with a talented core.

“I’m very excited to see what our future holds,” Hicks said. “We’ll be back next year better and stronger.”

John Manley covers high school sports for The News Tribune. Winner of the McClatchy President’s Award and a graduate of the University of Gonzaga, Manley has been covering the South Sound sports scene since 2013. Born and raised in Tacoma.

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