TIME magazine celebrates the transgender celebrity as one of its women of the year

TIME magazine selected 12 winners for the first issue of Women of the Year in 2022, but only 11 of them were born women.

Transgender singer Mikaela Jay Rodriguez, star of the FX Pose series, has been honored along with celebrities such as Almost Clooney, Casey Musgraves and Carrie Washington in a special issue timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on Tuesday.

“Our 2022 Women’s List includes 12 individuals who have reached different communities, generations and boundaries to fight for a more inclusive and equitable world,” the magazine said in an essay on Thursday, “How We Chose 2022 Women.” ».

This pride is due to increasing tensions due to the fact that transgender women are accepting awards and titles intended for biological women as the transgender rights movement gains importance in politics, sports and entertainment.

Among others – athlete Leah Thomas, who broke records in swimming among women, and “Jeopardy!” champion Amy Schneider, who was hailed by the media as the most victorious participant of the show. Both were born male and passed into adulthood to females.

The 31-year-old Rodriguez, who told Playbill that she started hormone replacement therapy in 2016, won the Golden Globe Award in January 2022 for Best Actress in a TV Drama and was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Dramatic Actor. for her work at Pose.

“I’m a trans woman, I’m a black woman, I’m a Latin American, I’m a woman, but I’m also an actress who is serious about her craft, and I’m also an artist who sings,” she told the magazine in a video. “I love what I do. I want to be an example to many other trance and many non-trans people there. ”

TIME magazine reported that a gala event for 12 winners, timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, will be held in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

“We can’t wait to be in the room with these incredible women and hear them connect through their ideas,” the magazine said.

The issue of “Women of the Year” 2022 was after the TIME project “100 Women of the Year” in 2020, in which the magazine returned and chose a beautiful woman for each year since 1920.

“It was our way of breaking the record by turning to the legacy of a publication long known for its Man of the Year franchise, which became Man of the Year only in 1999,” the TIME essay said. “The response to this project has been staggering, and it has crystallized our desire to find more ways to highlight the impact women have on the world.”

Other award winners include software engineer Tracy Chow; NAACP spokeswoman Sherilyn Yifil; athletics champion Alison Felix; Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman; poet Amanda Gorman; British midwife Jenny Joseph; Afghan journalist Zahra Joya and human rights activist Amanda Nguyen.

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