Tonight snow, severe cold will begin on Monday – Matt

SPOKAN, Washington. – Arctic air is going to visit the inner northwest. Here’s what you can expect in the next few days.

Tonight in the inner northwest from time to time there will be light snow and gravel (corn snow). Snowfalls will also reappear early Monday morning when cold air begins to arrive in our northern areas. Snowfalls will begin around Corridor I-90 and in the afternoon will move south around the Snake and Clearwater rivers. Snowfalls will go fast with rapid clusters of an inch or two. Not everyone will have snow on Monday. The highest coefficients for snow will be in the Palau area. The mountain passes will still be covered with snow, especially on the Lookout. Be prepared for a winter ride when you’re driving for President’s Day.

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The wind
Gusty winds will intensify on Monday. By evening a steady wind of about 20 miles per hour with gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour is likely from Lake Mazes east to Spokane, Kerr d’Alen and north to Sandpoint. Limited visibility and minor wind damage are possible.

Cold wind
The main problem for most of us will be the values ​​of wind on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday afternoon, due to the chills from the wind, everything will be the same. Monday night and Tuesday morning will be cool in most parts of the territory. According to the sensations on Tuesday, the temperature may be colder than -10. The severe cold will persist on Tuesday before the wind dies down by Wednesday morning.

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The coldest weather since the New Year
Excluding wind, the temperature in the interior will be the lowest since the prolonged cooling in late December and early January. Low temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings will be unambiguously above zero. Clear skies can lower some communities near the Canadian border to minus one or both nights. On Wednesday and Thursday the temperature will start to rise again, but by the next weekend the temperature will be close to the average for the end of February.

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