TRiO students give in a nursing home – Washington Daily News

Students at Beaufort County Community College of TRiO Student Support Services celebrated TRiO National Day 2022 with the “Operational Care – Think About You” service project.

National TRiO Day celebrates the annual achievements of TRiO programs and focuses nationwide on the needs of youth and adults seeking to improve their lives. TRiO programs throughout the United States celebrate National TRIO Day as National Service Day. This allows students who enjoy the program to return to their local communities through acts of ministry.

Residents of the River Trace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Washington have received relief packages specifically prepared by BCCC TRIO scientists. This year the fellows wrote postcards “I think of you”, handed out gifts and prepared gift packages for each resident of the center. TRiO scientist Victoria Anthony said: “I just want them to know that someone cares about them.” Several scientists met with TRIO staff at the center to deliver aid packages to River Trace Director Jerome Ward.

TRiO is a suite of federal education programs that motivate and support students, including military veterans, first-generation college students, low-income students, and students with disabilities. Currently serving more than 800,000 students from high school to graduate school, TRiO provides the training, personal counseling, mentoring, financial aid, and other support needed to facilitate access, retention, and graduation. TRiO Student Support Services have been working at BCCC for over 40 years and have served as a vital channel to opportunities for many students.

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