Triple-A Tacoma Rainiers will start on time despite MLB’s woes


On May 6, 2021, at the Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, Johan Ramirez will play against the El Paso Chihuahua team in the Tacoma Renies middle distance.

Commissioner Rob Manfred “hoped against hope” that the situation would not lead to a press conference on Tuesday to announce the cancellation of the regular season’s games. However, after the expiration of the MLB to close the deal and end the 90-day lockout, negotiations between the owners and players stopped.

It is reported that on Tuesday afternoon MLB offered the Players Association the “best and last” offer, which the players unanimously rejected.

Manfred, at about 5pm on EST on Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida, officially canceled the first six games of the regular season with no plans to make up for them. Players will not receive a salary, and the typical season with 162 games has been reduced to 156 – so far.

“We have worked hard to avoid an outcome that is bad for our fans, bad for our players and bad for our clubs,” Manfred told the media. “I want to assure our fans that our refusal to reach an agreement was not due to a lack of effort on the part of either side.

“Perhaps most unfortunate is that the agreement we offered to our players gave huge benefits to our fans and to our players.”

Both sides gained momentum on Monday when 13 personal talks in Jupiter, Florida, lasted more than 16 hours and moved on Tuesday morning.

The MLBPA issued the statement after Manfred’s statement and stressed its goals: to promote competition (or hinder tanks), ensure fair competition for young players and “maintain the integrity of our market system.”

“Players and fans around the world who love baseball are disgusting, but unfortunately not surprised,” it added.

Marcus Stroman, the Chicago Cubs starting pitcher, said, “Manfred has to go.”

The Moroccans were scheduled to start their season at T-Mobile Park on March 31 against Detroit. An announcement Tuesday postpones baseball to Seattle for April 15 in a meeting with the Houston Astros, except for additional cancellations.

Seattle’s 2022 campaign begins April 7 in Minnesota for an away series with the Twins.

The good news: the baseball lockout only affects MLB. This means that all the lower leagues, including Triple-A Tacoma, will start on time, and the opening day is scheduled for April 5 at Cheney Stadium.

Had the owners and players agreed to a new collective agreement before the MLB deadline of March 1, the Seattle season would have started with six games at home. This is how the Rainers will start their season, regardless of the current negotiations. With new manager Tim Federovich, they will try to repeat their Triple-A West championship and build a 78-52 record in 2021.

“It’s very interesting,” Federovich told The News Tribune in December, shortly after the announcement of his hiring. “Just going out with a good team is just happiness. You don’t know yet which team we will have. But I know that just by talking to some people in the organization, some people outside the organization, I know they are doing everything right.

“I think everyone (teams in the organization) finished higher last year (percentage of wins is 0.500). I think it’s just a great organization to start my first coaching job and I’m very excited. ”

Seattle’s season – which could still last 156 games if the parties make a deal – is full of promise as the organization proceeds from what they announced a “step back” in 2018 and has come into dispute with what Baseball America considered the best agricultural system in sports last month.

Last season, “Sailors” finished with a score of 90-72, which is good for their best finish since 2003. Before MLB initiated the lockout on Dec. 1, Seattle wrote El Sai Young Award winner Robbie Ray for a five-year contract and swung the All-Star exchange for another man from Adam Fraser’s bases.

“Simply put, we believe the off-season lockout is the best mechanism to defend the 2022 season,” Manfred said in a letter to fans on December 2. “We hope that the lockout will lead to the start of negotiations and lead us to an agreement that will allow the season to start on time.”

In the following months, the owners and MLB failed to reach a consensus on luxury tax thresholds, a new bonus pool for players before arbitration and the minimum wage. The talks concerned the expansion of the playoffs, possible restrictions on shifts and the clock mode, which will be aimed at reducing the current duration of the game by an average of three hours and ten minutes.

Bob Nightingale of USA Today said Thursday talks could resume, although the union has backed that they have already made their best offer.

A tweet from Alex Wood’s Giants pitcher on Tuesday afternoon: “… I would say the players were cautiously optimistic because the owners were actually sitting at the table and negotiating a deal with us. What we are asking for is more than fair. If there is no deal, the optimism on the part of MLB was an illusion of PR to make it look like they were trying. “

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