Trump criticizes the Supreme Court for being too afraid of Democrats

Orlando, Florida is a former president Donald Trump on Saturday condemned the Supreme Court, accusing judges of being too “politically correct” and intimidated by lawmakers who threatened to sue or impeach.

“But even the judges of our Supreme Court, and it’s sad to say, are afraid to do what needs to be done to save our country. They are so desperately trying to be politically correct. And to make everyone love them, they are judges of the United States Supreme Court, ”he said. Trump said him supporters at a conference of conservative political action.

“They are afraid of left-wing radicals. They are afraid that they will pack the court and become only one of 15, 19 or even 25 judges at any cost. They don’t want impeachment. ” he said before imagining what a judge who feared being impeachment sounds like. “Please don’t blame me. I do not want to be impeached. “

Sir. Trump then alluded to Judge Bret M. Cavanaugh in his imitation of the dreaded Supreme Court judge, who said, “I am a Supreme Court judge. Please don’t blame me for women I’ve never heard of before. “

He added: “Judge Cavanaugh didn’t know who they were, but you know what? He survived hell. And he is afraid, I believe he is afraid. I think he is afraid to do the right thing. “

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