TSA sets record for most firearms detected at Washington airports in 2022


SPOKANE, Wash. — In 2022, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers in Washington found 164 firearms in travelers’ carry-on bags, setting a new record.

Most of the firearms were found at Sea-Tac Airport, but Spokane International Airport also had a few of the 34.

Last year, the TSA screened about 761 million passengers and crew nationwide and detected 6,542 firearms during X-ray scans of carry-on bags, 88% of which were loaded. That’s 8.6 detected firearms per 1 million passengers.

2022 Firearms Infographic for Press Release 1

Author: TSA

TSA wants to remind travelers that firearms cannot be stored in carry-on luggage, even with a concealed carry permit. Having a firearm in hand luggage can lead to criminal charges.

“These statistics should serve as a reminder to every gun owner that they should be aware of the contents of their carry-on bags before arriving at the checkpoint. Firearms have never been permitted on an airplane, and there is no acceptable excuse for carrying a handgun in carry-on luggage,” said TSA Director of Federal Security in Washington, D.C., Gregory Hauko.

You can visit the TSA website here to see what is allowed and what is not allowed.

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