Turn your home screen into your own ribbon with the Locket – Washington Square News app

With photos that appear directly on the home screen from your loved ones, Locket redefines intimacy and privacy.

Locket, the program that went viral on TikTok in early January, is now ranked among the best free apps in Apple’s app store. It works with the iOS widget feature – by adding friends through their phone numbers, you can take and share photos that will appear on the home screens of their iPhone.

My friends and I downloaded Locket during the winter holidays and have been using it ever since. We all thought Locket would be a fun way to send photos and show each other what we did during the break. The app is most comparable to Snapchat, but unlike Snapchat, where photos quickly disappear, users can access previous photos summarized in the archive.

Locket easily integrates with the widget system, optimizing social networks and making it easy to communicate between friends without ads. Notably, there’s no way to keep track of people who aren’t on your contact list – this makes the app more intimate by blocking strangers and influential people who often try to sell unnecessary things, or promoting a lifestyle unattainable for the average person.

The app has some drawbacks and limitations when it comes to adding friends. At first launch, users could only add up to five friends. Since then, the program has increased the number of friends allowed to 10, which may still be too small a circle for those looking to add their friends and family. The app is only available on iOS devices, making it impossible to share photos across the platform with people who don’t use the iPhone.

Despite Locket’s hilarious and intimate nature, I found that once I got used to it on the home screen, I forgot to tap on it and upload my photos for friends to see. After the novelty was over, my friends and I used Locket much less often than when we downloaded it. And as the excitement has dissipated, the issue of privacy has become more prominent – apart from uniqueness, Locket still remains a social networking app that hides relatively clauses of the user agreement on harmless appearance.

The medallion is a creative idea for a social networking platform. Widget format plus no ads or page search allow users to seamlessly send photos to friends without interfering with social networks such as ads, algorithms and exploring pages. The app was very enjoyable for me and I highly recommend downloading it and trying it out with friends.

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