Typo sends drivers to Florida to the Trump 2024 goods website

Miami Beach, Florida (AP) – An obvious typo was sending motorists to South Florida trying to sort out links to traffic to a website that sells 2024 goods to former President Donald Trump, officials said.

Miami Beach police handed out false leaflets until last week, police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said Monday. He did not know how long they had been in circulation.

“We know about this typo,” Rodriguez said. “We have sent a notice to the officers to stop their use.”

The flyer explained how to solve small travel tickets online by visiting the Miami-Dade County Court website. The problem was that the web address printed in the leaflet was not hyphenated, forcing drivers to visit the wrong website.

Without a dash, the address is redirected to a website that sells Trump’s 2024 hats and flags, as well as a DVD exploring the possibility of a “single global centralized government” without Trump in the White House.

Court administrators said Miami Beach seems to be the only agency with a bug in the web address. Judicial officials provided an original leaflet sent to Miami-Dade Police in May 2020, which included the web address of a properly transferred hyphen. Rodriguez said Miami Beach had prepared its own version of the notices, and an error was inserted at some point during the printing process.

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