Universal Studios gives a first look at Nintendo’s new attraction


While many of us strain to take a vacation to spend a day lazily exploring our favorite theme park, it’s usually more about enjoying the shared experience than about a single trip.

If it’s not Walt Disney’s Space Mountain, of course, because, of course, everyone is thrilled with this glorious star tour.

However, if there is an attraction that should exist forever, it is a trip based on the long-standing Nintendo franchise “Mario Kart”.

This may just be an excuse to ram multicolored cars at other players and use prickly shells and banana peels to turn people who were once dear friends into enemies for life.

But now the series of racing games is more than just a game for many who have faithfully played each of its iterations for years.

Comcast Universal Studios was announced back in 2015 that it will develop the Super Nintendo World area in both Japan and the US

Already open in Japan – and it looks incredibly gorgeous – while the US placement is scheduled to open in 2023 and we’re looking forward to giving it a try.

Now Universal is finally gave us a glimpse into his upcoming branded tripwhich is based on Mario Cart’s favorite franchise, and looks like the best thing.

This is your favorite racing game, but in real life

Officially called “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge,” the attraction ties in up to four park visitors simultaneously in real-world versions of cars from the game.

You will someday get little red visors with Mario M’s signature on them, which should delight both young and old fans.

These visors are also equipped with goggles, and rightly so: because the trip uses augmented reality technology to dive deeper into the world of Mario.

The guests are in Mario’s team at the moment when they are attached, and have a very important mission: to cross the tracks both under the ocean and in the clouds to compete for the coveted Gold Cup, collecting coins – because it’s still Mario’s game, after all .

Riders can also wear what is called Inclusion bands if they wish, which are an additional item that can be purchased to interact more deeply with all that the trip has to offer.

For $ 69.99 they are not cheap, but they also offer experiences in the rest of the park, such as collecting coins, fighting enemies and unlocking special stamps.

This tiny glimpse looks so stunning that it’s easy to imagine people driving, leaving and getting back in line.

If the trip is as fun as Nintendo and Universal did, it will definitely be very popular when it appears.

If you need anything to reassure you until the new district actually opens its doors next year, see this video superstar game designer Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto showcases a park in Japan.

It seems like a very good reason to start putting your coins on holiday next year.

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