Utah State Police: A man told a 4-year-old child to shoot officers

MIDWAY, UT (AP) – Investigators believe Monday that a man told his 4-year-old child to shoot officers after a dispute over his order in a McDonald’s car in the Salt Lake City suburbs, police said. The officer was able to strike with a pistol when he fired, aiming the bullet away.

An unidentified man brandished a gun near the window of a pickup truck at a restaurant in Midway, demanding to rectify his order, a spokesman for the Unified Police Department sergeant said. Melody Cutler, she said. After workers asked him to pull him into the waiting area while they corrected his order, they called police, she said.

The man did not cooperate and had to be pulled out of the car, Cutler said. But when officers took the man into custody, one looked around and saw a pistol aimed from the rear window, she said. The officer, who threw the gun aside during the shot, also shouted “baby” to other officers, seeing how young the shooter was, Cutler said.

A witness watched as a man told a 4-year-old child who was in the back seat with a 3-year-old brother and sister to shoot with a handgun, Cutler said. She declined to give details.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera said it was a sad day for law enforcement and society.

“For an adult to think that encouraging a four-year-old child to take up arms and shoot the police is a sign that the anti-police campaign is out of control,” she said.

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