Vaccination against COVID is likely to prevent serious disease for many years

Researchers who learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccine works after the initial coronavirus vaccination have gained new insights into different levels of protection.

Researchers who will learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccine works after primary coronavirus vaccination gain a new understanding at different levels of protection.

Protection against infection is less durable than longer protection against the serious consequences of serious illness.

“There is growing evidence that this is a strong level of immunity – that we are protected from serious diseases for a long time, that is, months, maybe years,” he said. Dr. Stewart S. RayProfessor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Hopkins Hospital, who was not involved in the research.

“The duration of this immunity against re-infection is short-lived, but protection against severe infections is maintained for a long time.”

Protection against infection, which would be evident with a positive PCR test, may begin to decline in just three months.

People with weakened immune systems or the elderly usually do not get as much immunity, and immunity does not last as long as people with healthier immune systems.

“We see that this is a drop of three to six months, depending on the person – there is a lot of variability. … Especially with new options like omicron, we’ve seen that protection against infection goes down in four to six months, ”Ray said.

Noting that the coronavirus would not go away, Ray said it was important to protect the most vulnerable by vaccinating as many people as possible.

“We can hope to reduce the prevalence so that new options do not appear and force enough people to get vaccinated or gain immunity otherwise so that we can prevent the serious diseases that have taken over our health care system,” he said. he.

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