Valentina becomes “beautiful in pink” at the bold Paris show


It was “La Vie en Rose” for Valentino, who led the Sunday segment of Paris Fashion Week with a bold but triumphant pink collection, as VIP guests, including Lewis Hamilton and Zendaya, had to negotiate a car-free day in the heart of the capital. .

Meanwhile, an invitation to the Balenciaga show – a broken iPhone 6S – raised eyebrows for extravagance.

Here are some highlights of the fall-winter 2022 ready-made clothing collections:


The all-encompassing pink decor is spread all over Le Carro du Temple in Le Mare.

It was a Valentino collection like no other – in which most of the comprehensive, often minimalist, 81 looks – were delivered in shocking pink.

This was definitely a bold choice for designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, given the possibility that the styles of ready-made clothes may seem repetitive. The details of the scallop on the shoulders were loose silhouettes with extravagance and lavish proportions that shone pink over the chunky platforms of the 70s. The minimalist tulip-shaped skirt was incredibly stiff and angular. While the soft tuxedo jacket was so large that his shoulders chic pieces fell off the model’s own shoulders.

But as soon as the pink began to feel endless, the master of Italian couturier switched to a black palette – as if to say that all the sweet is in the shadowy belly. It was a striking contrast and demonstrated his deft control over design.

Picholi tried to show that by selecting color or the need for color, attention can be focused only on shape and silhouette. It was a triumph.


Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has for many years been praised for her efforts to reduce pollution in Paris, the capital of the European Union, which is often on the list of countries with the worst air quality.

On Sunday, the first four districts of the French capital were closed to traffic from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. as part of a monthly initiative. This restrained the behavior of many fashion editors, who many times a day cross Paris in a taxi or in transport with a driver.

Valentino guests presented a special handout card to enter the area.


The art of chic invitations is still a staple of the Parisian luxury industry.

Ladies compete to produce the most attractive, inventive and vibrant invitations to the show, which are often delivered by couriers that absorb gas, to the personal or professional address of each guest, without thinking about the environment.

Small works of art sometimes give a hint of what is in the collection; other times they are just stupid.

An example was the invitation to the show Isabel Marant: a shiny silver box, inside which lay a musical instrument – a real sculptural wooden tape recorder.

Lowe’s invitation was pure cunning: a large piece of thin rubber measuring 1 meter (yard) is hidden inside a small metal cylinder that sets the tone for Jonathan Anderson’s fashion show.

Saint Laurent’s invitation was pure luxury: a black leather purse with the initiator of the name of the respective guest with embossed YSL gold metal on the front.

While the invitation, perhaps the most eccentric – and wasteful – was the Balenciaga invitation, which included a damaged iPhone 6S with a cracked screen and a laser engraved message detailing the invitation.

Atlaine gets her morning coffee

Atlein, a French brand that strives for sustainable design, whose name is inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, focuses on body, energy and movement.

In this show, Antonin Tron decided to rethink fashion reworking. Sustainable design is the cornerstone for Tron, which in the past used images from previous collections and reworked them. On Sunday, the model’s face was covered with a thick veil, which used recycled fabrics.

But there were also moments of variation on the theme of recycling. Nespresso capsules were used to create a sheath dress – in an unforgettable design feat ready for Instagram. Elsewhere, a strong material for sails was an autumn cloak, jacket or skirt. They were composed, effortlessly, like origami.

There were also distinctive trends – the silhouettes were slender, with black pleated leather pants and black dresses with shirts, imbued throughout the collection with moments of sequins of ocean blue, shocking pink, acid green and silver glitter jewelry.

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