Vashugal police join the goodwill promotion program

Vashugal police officers hope that a little kindness will help.

The Washaugala Police Department works with Kindness 911, a nonprofit Clark County organization that connects local law enforcement and fire departments with the people they serve.

“I am very excited to be part of the Washougal community,” Kindness 911 founder and CEO Jason Hattrick told Washougal City Council during a virtual council meeting on Feb. 14. “We are very excited to have (Washougal) as our newest agency Kindness 911.”

The Kindness 911 events will be part of the city’s “broader portfolio of public engagement” managed by Rose Jewel, according to Vashugal Police Chief Wendy Steinbronn.

“Everyone in the community may need a little more kindness,” Jewell said. “We are fortunate to live in a community that accepts acts of kindness and supports the good efforts of our first responders and citizens. Kindness 911 provides a program to help our first respondents build positive relationships with our citizens and promote healthy relationships. ”

Washougal Police will join the police departments of Ridgefield, Vancouver, Gresham (Oregon) and the Kowlitz Tribes, as well as the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Clark County Fire District 6 as Kindness 911 affiliates. in a good act of good will.

Participating officers recognize individuals and groups for their “genuine, positive impact on their community” by issuing “links of kindness,” according to Hattrick.

The organization also makes annual donations of $ 500 to charities selected by its agencies.

According to Hattrick, the organization has also received praise for its ability to improve the mental state of its officers.

“Officers have (hard) days, and when they come to the ‘bite of kindness,’ they always say, ‘I needed it today,’ when they leave,” he said. “We support them and give them something positive during the day.”

Six Washougal officers took part in a “training of kindness” on February 10th. The remaining officers were trained Feb. 22, Steinbron said.

“The community can (count on) that these ‘testimonies of kindness’ will be issued soon,” the police chief added.

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