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The Diary is a weekly WSN column featuring personal and online activities in New York and New York City. This week: February 28 to March 6.

Vigilance of solidarity with Ukraine

17-18 hours at the Kimel University Life Center

Limited to the NYU community

Vigil for Ukraine on the steps of the Kimel University Life Center will be held by the New York University Student Government, the Department of Student Affairs, the Office of Global Spiritual Life and the Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity and Strategic Innovation. The event will be held in support of members of the NYU community affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Public art at the Kimmel Window Gallery

All day at the Kimel University Life Center

Free viewing

The Kimmel Center Windows Gallery displays a “Passport to the Past,” which explores the hidden history around New York University through March 21st. The exhibition showcases hidden histories of resistance and resilience, especially among groups marginalized in society in the 1960s and 1970s.

A roundtable with musicians George Clinton and Paul Miller

19-20: 30, Carnegie Hall online event

Free registration

This discussion will explore the career of American musician George Clinton in the context of the cultural movement of Afrofuturism, as well as his success as a visual artist. It will look at how Clinton’s influence relates to the work of musician Paul Miller, who plays DJ Spooky. Miller will also discuss his own projects related to art and African educational institutions.

Dua Lipa Concert

19:30 at Madison Square Garden

Tickets from $ 45

Visit the Dua Lipa album “Future Nostalgia” in Madison Square Garden. The tour is set for the singer’s second studio album, including the hits “Levitating” and “Don’t Start Now”, which won the award for best pop vocal album at the Grammy Awards in 2021. Dua Lipa will join Carolyn Polochak and Lola Zuai as revelations.

Talk about expanding Black History Month

18: 30-20: 30 at the Kimmel University Life Center

Free registration, New York University community only

Participate in a discussion between seven New York University organizations on how not to limit black history to one month. The event is hosted by the Hatian American Students Organization and is sponsored by the Black Students Union, the National Society of Black Engineers, the African Development Association, the African Students Union, Bella Kiskeyya and the Quality Gentlemen. Prizes and Haitian food will be available to participants.

City Hall with New York University President Andrew Hamilton

South – 13:30 on Zoom

Free, only for the New York University community

New York University President Andrew Hamilton will address student issues on campus at a City Hall event hosted by the Student Government Assembly. Questions can be asked in advance anonymously through Fr. Google form.

Discount on “Tina: Tina Turner’s Musical”

19.00 at the Lunt Fountain Theater at the 205 V. 46th st.

$ 45 with ID card from New York University

NYU offers discounts on seats in the rear mezzanine Lunt Fountain Theater for “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical,” which tells the life and career of rock and roll star Tina Turner. There is a limit of four tickets per NYU ID. Initially, tickets cost $ 99.

A discussion of gender transformation in the afterlife of ancient Egypt

10 a.m. on Zoom

Free registration, open to all

“The Afterlife of Women: Gender Transformation in Ancient Egypt” tells the story of how gender roles changed during the ancient Egyptian period, focusing on the differences between women and men in spirituality. The talk is being conducted by the New York University Liberal Studies Program and the Robert Lehmann Foundation for the History of Art.

A day on the web in human growth

19.00 at 545 W. 30th St.

Tickets from $ 12

Lie on a cobweb in a 95-foot-diameter bubble at Thomas Sarachen’s new exhibition “Thomas Sarachen: Special Things” on Barn in Hudson Yards. The exhibition features a ground-level grid as well as 40 feet in the air where exhibitors can listen to atmospheric music.

A night with artists in downtown New York

14:00 and 19:30 at 131 W. 55th St.

Tickets start at $ 35

New York City Ballet Chief Dancer Tyler Peck led the show with world-class dancers and choreographers, including performances by Peck, Alonso King, William Forsythe, Michelle Dorrance and Gillian Meers. The show lasts about two hours and will feature several world premieres.

Jerry Schatzberg’s photo exhibition

9.00-21.00 at 281 South Park Ave.

$ 16 with a certificate from New York University

Feel the celebration of the work of fashion photographer Jerry Schatzberg on the last day of the exhibition. The exhibition will take place in Fotografiska, near the iconic Shatsberg studio on Park Avenue, where figures such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Sharon Tate, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were photographed.

Vintage Treasure Hunt Day

10.00-17.00 per 100 W. 77th Street

Admission is free

The pop-up market will feature vintage vendors, including glassware, jewelry, home decor, art, vinyl records, accessories and more. All proceeds will be donated to four local schools to help more than 2,000 children.

Evening at the pier

Start at noon at Pier 15

Free registration

Participants can enjoy brunch or dinner on the waterfront in heated and private greenhouses on Pier 15. Sounds of music, decorated trees, lights and views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

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