Waldron: Seahawks is mostly Geno Smith 1, Drew Lock 2 at the moment

Gino Smith was again at the beginning of the attack. He mostly threw Tyler Lockett and played for the first team linemen.

Drew Locke was again with the second unit. But he mixed more with those who had to throw Locket during the red zone training.

The competition for Russell Wilson’s replacement as a Seahawks defender in 2022 is likely to remain the same as this offseason, at least until the start of training camp in late July.

Game coordinator and offensive coordinator Shane Waldron said Thursday that he, coach Pete Carroll and the attacking staff will assess how to appoint repeat defenders for the preseason, and whether Smith and Locke will eventually alternate at the start of the attack. Waldron said these estimates and possible changes from the current Smith, Locke two will be made after off-season training.

This practice ends in mid-June. From Tuesday to next Thursday in Seattle there are three workouts in the veterans ’mandatory mini-camp. The team will host the final 3-day OTA series from June 13 to 15.

“It will be just constant conversations. And as we move forward, ending the offseason and getting into training camp, we’ll sit down and discuss exactly how we want to balance the number of reps or give reps to different guys with different people, ”Waldron said after the fifth. of Seattle’s nine Organized Teamwork (OTA) practices in the offseason.

The 31-year-old Smith was the first defender in off-season training because he is more familiar with Waldron’s system and his Seahawks teammates. For the past three years he has been Wilson’s backup in Seattle.

The 24-year-old Locke arrived in March in the lineup Huge trade by Wilson Seahawks in Denver. Thursday was his fifth practice in Waldron’s crime.

On Thursday in the last volunteer training session, Locke got more time than in previous days, throwing Lockett, the new tight-end Noah Fantu (Locke’s former Broncos teammate, also acquired in Wilson’s trade) and the starting receiver. Locke did this in training with QB and passed the catchers against the air near the goal line.

Locke also won several games with the offensive line of the first team: Austin Blythe in the center, Damien Lewis in the left guard, Phil Haynes (for the missing veteran Gabe Jackson) in the right guard, rookie, ninth overall, chooses Charles Cross again in the left podcast newbie Abe Lucas’s third round pick with the right roll.

“The good thing about this time of year is that we really try to work hard … we had, so to speak, one and two, but we had a lot of mixing and combinations. but also throughout our attack, ”Waldron said.

“So everyone can have a chance to be in that first group and get a chance to go with the second group and mix and match with different people and different teammates throughout the practice.”

After two weeks of watching the OTA and listening to the performances of Waldron and Carroll, it seems that this competition of defenders may continue in September – and possibly to Seattle revelation against Wilson and the Broncos at Lumen Field on September 12th.

Carol said it was a wide derby. Always a competitive coach loves them.

Fant was Locke’s teammate all three years in the NFL with Denver. They came together to the NFL on the Denver Draft in 2019; That year, Fant was the choice of Broncos in the first round, and Locke – in the second round.

Fant watched as Locke goes 8-13, starting with three seasons in Denver. He saw Locke turn down his rookie season in all but the last five games, due to a thumb injury. He saw Locke go 4-1 in his debut games at the end of that rookie season.

He saw Denver change the offensive coordinators and system on Lock after that first year. And Fant watched as Broncos veteran signed Teddy Bridgewater’s contract last offseason to actually end Locke’s chance to perform in Denver before the 2021 season.

How does Fant see his former Broncos teammate considering this second option in Seattle?

“I think he sees it as a chance to do something great,” Fant said of Locke.

This story was originally published June 2, 2022 3:59 p.m.

Greg Bell is a Seahawk and NFL writer for The News Tribune. In January 2019, the National Sports Media Association named him the Washington State Athlete of the Year. He began covering the NFL in 2002 when the Oakland Raiders defeated author The Sacramento Bee. The Ohio native began covering the Seahawks in their first season of the 2005 Super Cup. He previously graduated from West Point and served as a tactical intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, so he may ask you to leave and give him 10.

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