Want to organize a barbecue on a budget? 5 tips on how to save money on frying

(BPT) – If you are one of 70% of all households in the United States to have a grill or a smokehouse, you are probably looking forward to summer cooking and barbecue! However, with the rising cost of food, your backyard get-togethers may cost more than previous years.

You don’t need to skimp on meat and vegetables to get inexpensive grilled food. The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) reminds chefs that they can still have fun cooking without overheating their wallets.

According to grill authority Stephen Reichlen, here are 5 timely tips on how to cook on the grill with a budget this summer.

1. Use cheaper pieces of beef

Buying meat and other protein for cooking should not be expensive. While ribs and strip steaks are popular, “You can start with well-marbled slices with a generous taste, such as flat iron steaks and small fillets, or steaks sliced ​​with fillets like fillet fillets,” Reichlen in collaboration with HPBA . “Although their price per pound is much lower, these lesser-known steaks give a very satisfying experience when fried over a fire.”

2. Look for alternatives to chicken and seafood

If you are cooking grilled poultry, “replace breasts with chicken thighs, shanks or leg quarters,” Reichlen suggested. Turkey is often a good deal, especially in the first season of roasting. “For pork, try grilled ribs or country-style ribs instead of baby backs or bake budget pork chops or pork tenderloin. Prepare less expensive fish.” Grilled mackerel, sardines and kingfishers instead of tuna or halibut – they are cheaper and better for you! ” He said.

3. Arrange grilled dishes

The fact that you are organizing a party does not mean that you should be fully responsible for feeding everyone. Turn your barbecue on the backyard into a dish and ask everyone to bring something to share. Your guests don’t even need to cook anything. Invite them to bring their own meat so they can stir while you fry it for lunch or dinner.

Placing grilled dishes will save you money, and if everyone brings something, you’ll probably have more variety than if you planned the menu yourself.

4. Go hard on the sides

While meat can be a star of the show at any cooking, burgers and hot dogs can only be eaten that much. Plan to prepare some available side dishes such as baked potatoes, cabbage salad and salads to accompany your steaks and pansies.

This is another area where you can ask guests. If your friends or family members have branded side dishes that they are famous for, ask them to bring these dishes to your next cookbook.

5. Be creative with vegetables

No barbecue is complete without grilled vegetables, especially onions. “From a grill master’s point of view, onions are one of the cheapest and most versatile vegetables that go well with most meats,” Reichlen said. “Use half the onion and put it on the grill to oil the grill grate. You can also puree the onion and use the juice as a marinade – a flavor enhancement technique used by grill masters throughout Central Asia.” Be creative and see what this humble root vegetable can do for your grilled dishes.

Another idea is to mix minced meat with beans, mushrooms and other vegetables. Mixing vegetables with minced meat increases the amount of meat you have on hand and improves the taste of everything you cook.

Using these five tips, you’ll be ready to spend a great backyard cooking without spending a fortune. For more tips and inspiration, visit WhyIGrill.org.

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