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Warming tents go up at the Hope camp

A look inside Camp Hope

SPOKANE, WA. Warming tents are being set up at Camp Hope as temperatures remain freezing in the forecast.

An update from the Washington State Department of Transportation says service providers are setting up these propane-heated tents in the center of the campground to keep people warm. Tents are designed for 20 places.

On-site potable water tanks will be insulated and heated to prevent potable water from freezing. Delivery of water every other day will start next week.

WSDOT reports that state and local partners continue to offer the Trent shelter as well as transportation there for people who do not want to stay at the camp.

“If the city decides to implement a winter weather plan that includes additional shelter locations, we will offer those alternatives as well,” WSDOT said. “While many government agencies and service providers continue to work to permanently close Camp Hope and find suitable housing options for the people living there, it is critical that we provide adequate resources for the camp during winter weather.”

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