WA’s Move Ahead package to allocate $ 16 billion to state transportation


OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON, Washington Democrats unveiled Move Ahead Washington, a 16-year, $ 16 billion package to improve Washington’s transportation sector.

Move Ahead WA is committed to building sustainable, environmentally efficient transportation and improving existing infrastructure across the state. It distributes millions of funding to various cities, many of which have specific plans for future road projects and public transportation.

Approximately $ 50 million from the package will go to a fast transit line in Spokane. Spokane spokesman Marcus Richeli says the funds will give 18,000 people near access to fast transit and pave the way for more than 30,000 jobs.

“We spent a lot of time doing informational work in communities across the state, and we heard people want us to keep the infrastructure we have now and complete the projects we started,” Richeli said. “This package ensures that Washington can finish what it started, as well as looking to the future and investing in communities that have not traditionally received investment from our current transportation system.”

The Liberty Park Earth Bridge will receive $ 4 million, which will reconnect the East Central area with East Sprague. About $ 5 million will go to improve pedestrian and bicycle paths on Cook Street and Pacific Avenue Greenway, another $ 5.8 million – on Millwood Trail.

Richelieu believes the package will speed up the process of creating the Eastern Spokane corridor by three years. He is confident that this will bring great benefits to Spokane’s rural areas and colorful communities.

“I am particularly excited by the Connecting Communities Foundation, which is allocating $ 50 million to fund projects in communities that have historically underfunded investments in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure,” he said. “For the first time, the legislature puts those communities that have historically been abandoned, such as color and rural communities, at the forefront.”

The bills that make up Move Ahead WA are Senate bills 5974 and 5975 and house bills 2118 and 2119. Funds for this package will come from the state general fund, the Infrastructure and Jobs Act and the Climate Commitment Act.

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