Washington opens a new police station – Washington Daily News

For decades, local officials have talked about the need for a new police station in Washington. The police department has outgrown the size and functionality of the existing facility on West Third Street.

Hurricane Florence flooded a police station in 2018, forcing the department to find a temporary home, and shed new light on the need for a new site. The long process of conceptualizing the new facility has dragged on, as the city has sought to turn an empty stretch at the corner of Bridge and Second Streets into its new police force. City officials, emergency services and locals gathered at the site on Saturday morning to celebrate an important milestone by inaugurating the project.

“Even though it was a long process, sometimes you have to learn about the process to achieve the result,” Washington Police Chief Stacy Drakeford said during the ceremony. “… But in this process, the boys and girls understood – and I think they now understand – that it is necessary to build a police department without raising taxes.

“It’s a long process,” Drakeford added, “but it goes on every day, and that process is getting closer and closer. That is why I am glad to say on this day that this process is over. “

Drakeford said construction of the new police force would begin Feb. 28.

“And we hope that in 365 days or so we will move to this police station,” Drakeford said. “Men and women deserve it, the citizens of this community deserve it, and it’s over.”

Hudson Brothers is building a police station.

“I’m excited to see this new 17,000-square-foot building finally built without tax increases. And I repeat – without raising property taxes, “- said Mayor Donald Sadler, causing applause in the hall. “It will be a safer, more affordable, modern facility.”

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