Washington Square News | 2022 Housing Guide

Sleeping on an XL double bed is not an ideal option, but everyone can do it for the best – or the worst.

We want to do it as best we can. Living in a big city like New York can be a challenge, and as students, we know how important it is to have a small piece of the city that can be called home. So we’ve put together this issue to help violets, rice or our other mascots find their next home.

We’d call it the Home Guide, but it’s not that smooth, is it?

As always, we start by getting to know all the living rooms of New York University. This year we wanted to add something extra for our incoming freshmen, so WSN staff and other students shared their experiences in each freshman dormitory.

In this issue, we delve into the reality of New York University’s assistant-resident work, tackling the search for housing and pitfalls faced by students with dietary restrictions in New York University canteens. Many thanks to our writers – Voices editor Alexandra Goldberg and authors Kat Howard and Aditi Sharma – for their excellent work on these articles.

Finally, we wanted to include feedback from the students themselves. We asked students to share what they would like to know before moving to New York University dormitories, as well as the reasons why they chose to stay in New York University housing or move into an apartment after their first year of study. We thought it would give a complete look at the reality of housing options here in the city.

Special thanks to everyone who helped us solve this problem, from those who filled out many Google forms, to those who contributed to first-year dormitories, to our excellent leadership, multimedia and design teams. And, of course, thank you to our staff Under the Arch, who never ceases to amaze us.

So here it is. Grab popcorn or Cup Noodles, turn on a non-halogen lamp, snuggle up in your squeaky XL twins and enjoy UTA’s 2022 Housing Guide.

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