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The Washington Square News, a New York University student newspaper, is looking for an experienced journalist to advise and support students working in the publication’s editorial and business headquarters. This is a part-time job, and the main responsibilities are during the school year.

The advisor will regularly support the WSN Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager as they focus on their management positions. In addition, the advisor will diagnose areas where staff can improve and organize training sessions and critique history if necessary. While students make the final decision on content, the advisor will be an invaluable resource as student journalists go over editorial decisions, ethical dilemmas, and organizational strategy.

The advisor will meet weekly with the editor-in-chief and business manager, and conduct critiques and / or staff training once a week throughout the school year. In addition to these responsibilities, the advisor should work with the editor-in-chief and business manager to organize the best ways to support student staff.

You will work closely with student journalists and student-led business staff; the WSN governing board, which consists of students and alumni; and NYU Assistant Director for Student Life, who serves as a liaison between WSN and the University. The position is in New York City, and will require some personal meetings with WSN staff on the New York University campus.


We are looking for a candidate who has the following qualifications:

  • Experience in professional editing
  • Strong understanding of journalistic ethics
  • Experience in digital media and storytelling
  • Aware of the important conversations and debates taking place on college campuses
  • Good knowledge of media landscape development, especially with issues of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Awareness of the digital media landscape and best practices
  • Understanding of college editorial staff
  • The experience of mentoring or training young journalists is a big plus
  • The understanding of NYU, its students and community is a big plus

The advisor should be able to support student journalists while respecting their authority to make final decisions regarding what is published. WSN is proud that editorial content is student-centered and independent of the university.

Supervision, opening hours and compensation

  • The advisor is hired and overseen by a 10-member WSN Board of Directors, consisting of: four student editorial and business staff, an editor-in-chief and business manager, and four WSN alumni.
  • The counselor can expect to work 5 to 10 hours each week during the school year, although this may increase or decrease depending on the circumstances.
  • Compensation is $ 20,000 for the fall and spring semesters, with minimum summer obligations.

About WSN

The Washington Square News has been covering the New York University community since 1973 and is run primarily by undergraduate students. WSN provides daily coverage of news about the New York University community on the Washington Square campus and campuses around New York City and abroad. The newspaper was recognized as one of the best student newspapers in the country, and WSN graduates moved to work in some of the world’s most prestigious newsrooms.

How to apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. In your cover letter, describe any experience of mentoring young journalists and any experience of working with collegial newspapers.

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