Washington Square News | NEHERA radiates strength and beauty through simple aesthetics

In this season’s collection, NEHERA owner Ladislaus Zdut followed the brand’s minimalist style, presenting 29 looks, all of which emphasized a dark color palette and layering for the winter season. The line consisted of neutral turtlenecks, sharp shoulder jackets and full wool coats with a soft texture and sophisticated look. These pieces showcased the idea that less is more, allowing each individual piece to shine.

“Simple. Sewing clothes. Without hiding the beauty of each work,” said Zdut. “We wanted to show how well they are designed, how they fall or move when the models walk.”

The opening of the show featured a steady musical tempo that transitioned to the inclusion of stringed instruments and an alternative DJ-composed sound. The choice of music created a tense mood as the models started to come out one by one.

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