Weather Eye: Sunny skies and almost record low temperatures are expected

One cI feel the cold air being filtered out after a dark Monday, and the east wind is expected to be gusty today, which adds chill. All day where the wind blows, there will be a cold snap until the 20s. Pleasant places on the west side of the wind will be more tolerant, but the nights will be the coldest. Humidity will be extremely low due to static electricity inside your home.

The minimum temperature from today to Thursday will be up to 20 in windy areas and in teenagers on colder suburbs, which is typical without a blanket of snow on the ground. Speaking of snow, those living at high altitudes on Monday had 1 to 3 inches of snow, for example, over Vashugal and in places that are at an altitude of about a thousand feet. Here, in the lowlands, even snowflakes mixed with rain.

On Monday there were short-term rains, and on the light side, a total of one-tenth of an inch or so, more in the foothills where the snow fell. Today and Wednesday will be sunny skies, on Thursday more clouds are possible. By the weekend we will warm up to 50 degrees again, so the cold snap will be short-lived.

The coldest temperature this season was 22 degrees here in Vancouver, January 1st and 28th. Four years ago at this time in 2018 we had a cold: a few inches of snow had been scattered across the county at low altitudes since the 20th. Vancouver fell to a new record on February 21, 2018 with 20 degrees.

Okay, look at the night lows for the next three days and see if we get into record low temperatures. The record low in Vancouver today is 24 degrees in 1920; Wednesday, 22 degrees in 2018; and Thursday, 22 degrees in 1962. Chances are good, if not too windy at Pearson Field, where the official weather station is located.

As I write this Monday afternoon, the temperature in Spokane was dropping in teenagers, and in Bellingham in the north the country was hovering in frost with northeast winds with gusts up to 51 miles per hour from Fraser River Canyon, causing chills in teenagers.

Get together, keep sunglasses on hand.

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