What is the death toll in Ukraine? Look at death, trauma


Ukrainian soldiers take up positions near a military facility when two cars were on fire on a street in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Russian troops stormed the Ukrainian capital on Saturday, and street fighting began when city officials called on residents to hide. (AP Photo / Emilia Morenati)


As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reached its third day on Saturday, February 26, the number of injuries and deaths continues to rise, but the President of Ukraine remains passionate about his country.

Here are the latest figures from the crisis in Ukraine, updated on Saturday at 10:30 European time.

198 Ukrainians died as of Saturday morning, said Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko. Among the dead are three children.

Another 1,115 Ukrainian citizens were injured during the Russian attack, including 33 children, Lyashko added. It is unclear how many civilians were killed and injured.

This was stated the day before by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in a video message 137 people were killed and 300 injured in the first 24 hours of the attack.

“The real battles for Kyiv continue,” Zelensky told Fr. video message on Saturdayaccording to an Translated by the Associated Press. “We will win.”

Zelensky has remained in the Ukrainian capital during the invasion, refusing a U.S. offer to help him evacuate, CNN reports.

“The battle is here; I need ammunition, not a trip, ”he said.

Russian officials have not released causal figures, but Zelensky’s adviser Mikhail Podalak said. more than 3,500 Russians were killed as of February 26, the BBC reports. Ukraine has taken another 200 prisoners of war, the aide said, but those figures have not been confirmed.

This was stated by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in an interview with Sky News 450 Russian servicemen were killed in the first 24 hours after the invasion.

Russia has launched invasion of Ukraine on three fronts early on Thursday, February 24, “bombed cities, towns and villages” as forces advanced to the capital of Kiev.

Bridges, schools and neighborhoods have been hit by air strikes and missile strikes by Russian troops, despite country officials claiming that Russia will target only military targets, the Associated Press reports.

“Anyone who tries to hinder us, let alone threaten our country and its people, must know that Russia’s reaction will be immediate and will lead to consequences you have never seen in history,” Putin said on February 24, the BBC reported. News.

Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe by land, was part of the former Soviet Union before the declaration of independence in 1991. It is not a member of NATO.

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