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Write again… Man is looking for meaning

Posted at 4:30 PM Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Viktor Evgenievich Frankel. Ever heard of him? Of course not. Me too.

Thus. Who was this man we had never heard of? Well, he wrote a book “Man in Search of Meaning” a long time ago.

A psychiatrist by profession, his intelligence is so far superior to mine that even being in the shadow of his life experience terrifies me.

You see, the Jew Frankel miraculously survived the Holocaust; The Shoah.

And yes, he was in Auschwitz and several other camps, the horrors of which are impossible to describe to those who do not have such experience. It is impossible.

The wife died, her remains were blown away by the wind blowing through the chimneys. He says his love for her never died. never.

Frankel’s life spanned almost all 20 yearsthousand A century. Born in 1905, died in 1997.

The life lessons – that is, how to live and appreciate such a gift – that can be learned from reading his book are very important.

And yet, I recommend reading his book with at least a little reserve. You see, it’s depressing. Inspirational, informative, yes. But depressing.

We can all be thankful that today there is no such debauchery on the scale that existed in those evil times. Let’s not, however, consider at least a similarity, more than a similarity, indeed, does not exist today. In the way some see others.

One reviewer of his book wrote that ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ has captivated generations of readers with its depiction of life in the Nazi death camps and its lessons in spiritual survival…it continues to inspire us all to find meaning in the very act of living.”

Much of what I read and write about in the last years of my journey is, in a sense, a reflection on the lessons of my own life. You’d think most of us do, at least a little.

Such introspection does take place, but forcing it to do so is not conducive to positive emotional health. However, we are all different in some ways.

I hope to see you here again next weekend.


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