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WSDOT asks drivers to leave plenty of room for plow drivers


SPOKANE, WA. Washington Department of Transportation snow plow crews from cities, counties and the state ask that you give your plows plenty of room.

“Usually when it snows, we’re basically inside the trucks driving and plowing back and forth, paying close attention to the approach,” said Brian Adams, highway maintenance worker for WSDOT’s East Region.

Adams says crews were busy clearing the roads Wednesday. One of the problems for plow drivers is that drivers are not cooperating on the roads.

“You can plow, they’re in a hurry and they have to be somewhere before you, so they end up trying to pass you and then I have a car and a truck spinning in front of me,” Adams said.

Adams advises drivers to slow down when they see a plow truck on the road and always give plenty of room.

Adams says drivers are often hit by plows on roads because people drive too close. He also wants drivers to leave enough room for salt and sand.

“Give us enough space. You never know when we’re going to put salt or not, or sand,” Adams said.

WSDOT says driving too fast can spread material onto the shoulder.

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