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Amazon’s top-rated luxury pillows for hotel sleep


About 62% of American adults say they don’t sleep well.[1] Although it is common, it is not healthy. Sleep is an essential activity our bodies need to repair cells, remove toxic waste, restore energy, and produce hormones—just to name a few.

Just as it’s important to create a productive work environment, our sleep environment should support our goal of rest and relaxation. If you’re sleeping on a ten-year-old pillow, you’ll be surprised to learn how a simple upgrade to a luxury pillow can dramatically change your sleep. In fact, most experts recommend changing your pillow every 12 months. [2] Higher quality materials such as memory foam and down can last about three years.

If you’re ready to improve your sleep, Amazon has the best selection of sleep pillows. Get ready for a good night’s sleep in a five-star hotel every night.

Here are our top five pillow picks for more luxurious sleep:

Puredown Goose Down Pillow

A pillow made of goose feathers and down for sleeping.  Pillows from the hotel collection, Standard_Queen,.jpg

Nobody makes down pillows like Puredown. Composed of 95% goose down and 5% goose down, their medium-firm set makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a king’s chambers every night. You wouldn’t think the criss-cross pattern on the pillow would make a difference, but the Puredown diamond lattice quilted finish lets your face and body breathe, no matter what shape you sleep in. At less than $30 per pillow, this is an absolute steal if you’re looking for a luxurious feather pillow.

Italian luxury plush pillow

Italian luxury plush pillow.jpg

If you want a pillow with dimensions, Italian Design Luxury is the option. The double layer blanket and plush gel layers keep you supported without being too firm. The pillows have a 15-inch gusset for maximum durability, and you can expect a deep, luxurious night’s sleep thanks to the soft, hypoallergenic materials. This $49.99 pillow is machine washable and one of the easiest ways to keep it clean.

Beckham Hotel Collection gel-filled fiber pillow

Gel-Filled Fiber Pillow Beckham Hotel Collection.jpg

For those sensitive to allergens, Beckham Hotel Collection pillows are as stylish as they are safe. 100% memory foam, chemical-free materials provide world-class comfort and a stress-free nap. Plus, the unique rebound design ensures you’ll enjoy thousands of nights of sleep without losing structure or firmness. With over 200,000 ratings and under $25, Beckham’s collection is a must-try.

Mislili cooling pillows

Mislili Cooling Pillows.jpg

If you feel hot at night, a cooling pillow is the best option. The iconic Mislili set is made from breathable microfiber and recycled polyester to ensure you sleep comfortably and cool. It is also one of the most supportive options and is designed specifically to support people who suffer from neck and shoulder pain while sleeping. Not to mention, it’s the most affordable choice on the list at just $15.99 per pillow.

Downluxe Bamboo Down Alternative Pillow

Downluxe Bamboo Down Alternative Pillow.jpg

These luxurious bamboo blend pillows are a dream for a more sustainable down option. They are made of skin-friendly bamboo and polyester fiber and a 100% cotton cover. The soft, breathable product boasts zero pollution and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. At just $21 per pillow, the Downluxe set is a great option for the globally conscious looking for more support and sensitivity at night.


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