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Belhaven names new police chief – Washington Daily News


Belhaven has appointed a new police chief

Posted on Friday, November 4, 2022 at 2:09 pm

From the city of Belhaven

Lt. Christopher Kelly has been named interim police chief for the City of Belhaven. The temporary role will start on November 5. He will assume all executive responsibilities following the retirement of Executive Fred Klingenpiel in December.

The City Council and City Manager agreed to a succession plan presented by Supervisor Klingenpiel earlier this year.

“After more than 12 years with the Belhaven Police Department, I believe my succession plan has accomplished what it was intended to do and feel Lt. Christopher Kelly is ready to lead the department into the future,” said Chief Klingenpiel.

Lt. Kelly is a 12-year veteran of the department. While at the department, he worked to earn his fellows in criminal justice and general research. He has received intensive leadership training, graduated from the Carolina Command College, the North Carolina Academy of Justice’s leadership certificate program, which consists of more than 400 hours of leadership and community-oriented policing; North Carolina Institute of Justice and 5-Star Trusted Leader Training at Wake Technical College.

Lt. Kelly has also earned the respect and loyalty of his colleagues, who city officials say go beyond praising him. Lieutenant Kelly maintains a positive and optimistic relationship with the community and citizens he serves.

Mayor Ricky Cradle and the City Council expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Chief Klingenpiel, who stepped in and led the city’s law enforcement agencies during a difficult time.

“Chief Klingenpiel has done an outstanding job as Belhaven’s police chief for the past 12 years,” Cradle said. “This succession plan and its recommendations demonstrate his concern for the well-being of the city and the department.”

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