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Cold days are coming with morning fog – Matt


What we track

I hope you’re used to the cold by now – there’s no sign that it’s going anywhere. In the foreseeable future, fog and frost will also be a problem in places in the mornings and evenings. We’re also seeing a slight chance of snow next week. The northern Idaho Panhandle has a decent chance to see snow Wednesday night, but it’s unlikely anything more than a flurry will reach the I-90 corridor. We will keep you updated.

Plan your Sunday

We will once again start the day with clouds, fog and temperatures around 20 degrees. Temperatures will quickly climb into the 30s and be above freezing in the afternoon. In most cases, sunlight will return on or before lunchtime.

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene forecastt

While we won’t see any snow in the system we’re seeing this week, we will get some strengthening of the cold air trapped in the interior Northwest. By this time next week, temperatures will drop into the mid-teens, with lows near freezing.

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