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‘Food is great’: Community comes together for Thanksgiving dinner at Camp Hope


SPOKANE, Wash. — The community came together to feed those in need at Camp Hope, making sure those who may not have people to spend the holidays with have a place to go.

Many churches, local businesses and neighbors from all over the region donated their time to make this happen.

The event certainly featured food, fellowship, and a sense of community that people didn’t take for granted this Thanksgiving. For some it was fried bread, for others it was pies, but the smiles on people’s faces say everything.

On a cold winter day, the tent across the street from Camp Hope was full of Thanksgiving preparations and people from all over sharing food and harvesting for the holidays.

“I hope a lot of these people who signed up for housing and stuff get it,” Jeb Carpenter said. “That would be nice.”

Carpenter used to live at Camp Hope. Now he has his own place to live, but he’s still trying to find a new sense of community.

“I feel more at home in this place than in my neighborhood, which is kind of ironic,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter returned to see his friends, show support and spend Thanksgiving with others.

All of this was made possible by the generous donations of the community, for which everyone at Camp Hope was grateful for the food.

“The food is great,” Carpenter said. “I mean, it’s almost better than my house.”

Events of this kind are aimed at building bridges and connections. When people leave this tent, their stomachs are full and their hearts are full.

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