Hunter captures deer with three eyes in Texas, photos show


Photos from Texas show a hunter killed a goat (not the one pictured) with a strange lump on its face. It turned out to be a three-eyed deer.


Pictures from Texas show that a hunter recently recovered a buck with a strange secret under its skin.

Double Nickle Taxidermy in New Braunfels was preparing a deer for a trophy when it discovered a third eye “fully formed” on the animal’s muzzle.

“It will be a surprise for the hunter. We all had to go see it for ourselves today, nature is truly beautiful!” The taxidermy shop said in a November 9 Facebook post pictures of a deer skull. (Warning: Photos may disturb some viewers.)

The the deer had a big lump a hunting photo can be seen on his face. The hunter and the shop assumed it was some kind of abscess or growth, but never expected an eye with a socket.

The hunter asked for a horse of the European type, that is, only the skull and horns were preserved.

“It’s a conversation piece for life,” one person commented.

“Did they kill him near the nuclear power plant?” – asked the other.

Although it’s unheard of for two-eyed animals to be born with an extra, experts say it’s very rare.

“This is just a random anomaly (birth defect) and is extremely rare,” the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said in an email to McClatchy News, adding that it “doesn’t appear to have affected the buck much” during the day. – daily life.

New Braunfels is about 33 miles northeast of San Antonio.

Mitchell Willetts is a real-time news reporter covering the central US for McClatchy. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and an outdoor enthusiast who lives in Texas.

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