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More migrants from Texas were bussed into Philadelphia


A new busload of migrants sent from Texas arrived in Philadelphia on Monday. There were 46 people in the bus, 29 have already been examined and sent to the city’s ICU.

The first busload of migrants to Philadelphia arrived last week. Texas has sent more than 13,500 migrants to New York, D.C., Chicago and now Philadelphia, according to a tweet by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Most of the arrivals were men who came from Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and the Dominican Republic, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“We were proud to welcome and successfully assist asylum seekers last week and we continue to do so as needed. These people are seeking a brighter and fuller life in America, and it is our duty and moral obligation to welcome them,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in a press release.

Mr. Abbott’s office continues to say that the lack of federal efforts to mitigate the impact of migrants is a major factor driving the bus program.

“Until the federal government meets its obligations to protect Americans, Texas law enforcement agencies and the Texas Military Department will continue to identify ways to protect our communities from record illegal border crossings and transnational criminal activity,” Abbott spokesman Kim Carmichael told Fox News.

Pro-immigrant organizations in Philadelphia helped the arrivals as they got off the bus, providing food, clothing and other assistance.

“All these organizations really made us feel welcome,” bus driver Kevin Arvoledo, who came with his wife and daughter, said in Spanish.

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