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Moscow detectives evacuate cars from the crime scene

Zach Wilkinson

Officers investigate a homicide at an apartment complex south of the University of Idaho campus Sunday, Nov. 13, 2022. Four people were found dead on King Road near the campus, according to a Moscow news release issued Sunday afternoon. (Zach Wilkinson/Moscow-Pullman Daily News via AP)

MOSCOW, ID. — As police continue to investigate the crime scene where four Idaho State University students were killed, police are increasing detective activity in the area.

The Moscow Police Department says that they will intensify operational activities and tow trucks at the scene of the crime. They say investigators are moving the five vehicles inside the police perimeter to a longer-term storage location while investigators continue to process information.

Law enforcement agencies are relentlessly searching for new leads and information that could lead to an arrest in the murders of four Idaho State University students.

Police have sifted through more than a thousand tips and leads, collected 113 pieces of physical evidence and conducted more than 150 interviews. The suspects have not yet been found.

In a press release issued Sunday evening, law enforcement officials provided updated timelines for all four victims in the early afternoon of Nov. 13.

Police say based on new digital evidence gathered by investigators, they determined that Madison Mogen and Kayleigh Goncalves arrived home at 1:56 a.m. Sunday. Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle are believed to have arrived at the residence about ten minutes prior.

Police are appealing for any CCTV footage from businesses and homes between 3am and 6am on November 13.

Detectives are asking the public for help in the investigation; Tips, pictures and videos can be sent by email to ci.moscow.id.us or by calling 208-883-7180.

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