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Resources, support U of I student firm through Thanksgiving


MOSCOW, Idaho — As police continue to hunt down the man responsible for killing four students at Idaho State University, students are receiving support both on and off campus.

Many U of I students are home now, but some are forced to stay. School teachers and the Moscow public try to help them as much as they can.

Admissions counseling is available in Mary Forney Hall. Resources like these are available to students to help them navigate trauma that many have never experienced before.

“Whatever you’re going through, it’s appropriate. It’s going to look and feel different for everyone, and that’s okay,” said University of Idaho President C. Scott Green.

Green wants it known that while many are home with their families, some are unable to leave.

“I was visiting with people and I realized that a lot of students don’t have a place to go,” said Sandra Kelly, who helped organize the Thanksgiving dinner for the students.

On Wednesday, many students found themselves in the inner oasis for Thanksgiving lunch.

“We thought a community lunch would be great. Inland Oasis is across the street from campus. they don’t have to worry about transportation. They can walk here. We don’t do it as dinner, we do it as lunch, so it’s light outside,” Kelly said.

All of the food was donated, and while the event has never been held before, organizers say it’s needed now more than ever.

“We also as a community have to continue, be safe and be vigilant, but continue to love each other, continue to help each other,” Kelly said. “I think that’s the spirit we’re trying to move in. Help each other move forward and comfort each other when we need, feed each other when we need, and just be there for each other when we need it.”

Whether students are coming together for a meal or making mental health a priority, this community is trying to heal from heartache and support each other through trauma.

“Vandals helping vandals is everybody helping everybody,” Kelly said.

The university’s counseling resource will reopen on Monday and security will continue to be increased at the university until the killer is caught.

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