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Rona McDaniel Says Losing Election Is Not ‘What The American People Care About Right Now’


Rona McDaniel criticized President Biden’s recent prime-time address on threats to democracy as out of touch with the most pressing issues facing voters, a miscalculation the Republican National Committee chairman said would jolt the GOP on Tuesday.

Polls show the economy and soaring inflation are the most important issues to voters as they prepare to cast their ballots, a theme that Democrats in competitive races have sought to draw attention to as Mr. Biden and other members of the party nominate far-right Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

“I have a 10-minute video of Democrats denying elections from 2000 to 2020. That’s not what the American people care about right now,” Ms. McDaniel said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Our commander-in-chief, Joe Biden, goes before the American people and talks about it and says, ‘Oh, look at these problems with the election deniers.’ That’s what Democrats are: they deny inflation. They deny the crimes. They literally deny education.”

In his final speech before Election Day, Mr. Biden said last week that “democracy is on the ballot this year.”

The speech was quickly derided by Republicans as divisive and out of touch with voters.

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sunday found that 80% of voters see the economy as their top issue.

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Some of the most vulnerable Democrats this cycle, including Rep. Alice Slotkin of Michigan, believe the party has “shown poorly on our approach to the economy,” according to The New York Times.

Sen. Cory Booker dismissed the idea Sunday, arguing on ABC’s “This Week” that Democrats were campaigning on different issues.

“The individuals that I see there are talking to pockets of this country and reminding people of Donald Trump’s agenda when he was in office,” the New Jersey Democrat said.

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