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The Seahawks return their leading scorer

Posted on Friday, November 25, 2022 at 7:16 pm

With the football season running until early November and most football players also playing basketball, the Seahawk boys didn’t have much time to prepare for Wednesday’s season opener in Mattamuskeet.

However, the learning curve shouldn’t be long as several experienced players return, including leading scorer Manvonte Delaah.

The lanky 6-foot-3 senior averaged 13.5 points per game last year, and coach Dowell Whitney expects him to increase his average while taking on more ball-handling and rebounding responsibilities.

“He can do a lot of things well, and we need him,” Whitney said. “He’s more motivated since it’s his last year and he’s looked good in practice so far. He can shoot, drive and get to the free throw line, which will make us a better team.”

Southside is coming off a 7-15, 5-5 season in which Whitney said his team lacked a defensive mindset.

“We had some speed and we could have stepped up a little bit in the past, so we were happy to exchange baskets and hopefully get some steals for some easy ones,” Whitney said. “This season I plan to make a strong defense. We have big bodies inside to rebound so we don’t have to be pushed and we have guards who can move their feet.”

Whitney is counting on seniors Xavier Hamm and Elgin Steely to help in the backfield, as well as senior Darren (DJ) Joyner and junior Taequon (Tater) Moore to help in the backfield.

“Tater and DJ are great athletes that will help us with steals and rebounds,” Whitney said. “They hustle and enjoy the defense. We have different guys that are looking to have a better season than last year.”

The Seahawks will play four of their first five games on the road at Washington County, Ayden-Grifton and South Creek after Mattamuskeet.

“I’m fine,” Whitney said. “They’re all close and if we can win on the road, there’s a good chance we’ll win at home.”

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