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Seven Strategies for Securing More Affordable Event Tickets


Here are several methods to reduce the ticket fees you pay or even circumvent them entirely. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, but in today’s economy, a bit of extra effort to save money can make a significant difference in keeping more cash in your wallet.

Visit the box office

While driving to the venue might be inconvenient, purchasing tickets directly from the box office can save you from the exorbitant fees often imposed by platforms like Ticketmaster. Keep in mind that box offices may have limited hours, primarily open shortly before events, which could be inconvenient for high-profile concerts.

Join the fan club

Many artists offer pre-sale tickets to members of their fan clubs, sometimes at a discounted price compared to the general public. Although joining a fan club may involve a membership fee, true devotees may find the benefits, such as exclusive merchandise and early access to tickets, worthwhile.

Use your credit card

Certain credit cards, like Chase, Capital One, American Express, or Citi, may provide access to pre-sale tickets or discounted offers. While this could lead to savings, be mindful of potential higher annual fees associated with these credit cards.

Head to Groupon

Groupon occasionally offers discounted tickets to select events, providing an opportunity to save on entertainment expenses. Keep an eye out for deals, which may include reduced prices or fee-free options.

Bid on tickets

Websites like theXchange and CashOrTrade.org enable users to bid on tickets or trade them without hefty fees. These platforms often have buyer guarantees and seller vetting processes to minimize the risk of fraud.

Try TickPick

TickPick boasts “no hidden fees” and guarantees to refund 110% of the price difference if you find cheaper seats elsewhere. While they still profit from fees, their upfront approach can help you find more affordable tickets, particularly for sporting events.

Wait for last-minute tickets

Venues frequently release additional seats on the day of the event, often at lower prices to fill remaining seats. While purchasing these tickets online may still incur fees, the reduced ticket value can offset additional costs.