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Spokane Public Schools is bracing for delays and cancellations as heavy snow approaches


SPOKANE, Wash. — Winter weather can lead to school delays and cancellations.

Spokane Public Schools is gearing up for this week’s possibilities, and the district says it all depends on the day.

“We started looking for a weather forecast. And so we reach out to each other throughout the day to see what we need to start working on and that’s how we start the plan,” said Sandra Jarrard, SPS’s executive director of communications.

On days when snow is forecast, the district meets at 4 a.m

The decision to delay or close depends on many factors, including road conditions.

“We also believe that many of our students need our services in our building. So it’s a place to warm up, have breakfast and lunch, and do a lot of occupational therapy services, so that all counts,” Jarrard said.

Families should start looking for a solution by 6am

“One of the common questions we get asked is I looked out the window and it’s fine, there’s no snow… why are you doing a 2 hour delay and I just want to remind families that this is a whole district,” – Jarrard said. said.

Jovi is eight years old, loves the snow, and has already had a few snow days. Jovi’s father, Ben Mitchell, says he is not worried about the school cancellation.

“I think we’ll just take it easy if they cancel school. Maybe we’ll go to the park, go sledding… and make a day of it,” Mitchell said. “She loves school too, but snow days are more fun.”

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